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The Hidden Promise Consortium is currently in the process of hiring mentors for the 2016-2017 academic year. If you are interested in becoming a mentor for the first time or if you formerly served as a mentor and would like to re-apply for a position, please fill out an application and turn it in to the Hidden Promise Coordinator. Applications will be accepted in person at the Hidden Promise Consortium Offices or via email at the address below.

Hidden Promise mentors are an integral part of the program and will serve as the link between the 8th – 12th grade Hidden Promise Scholars and the on-campus components of the program. Mentors keep in regular contact with the 8th – 12th grade students through monthly phone calls and emails and will visit the students in their schools with one of the HPS Coordinators once per semester. Students who successfully complete the mentoring program will receive a $500 scholarship each semester.


Barbour 9th Candice Conrad
Barbour 10th Holly Wilson View
Barbour 11th Tiffany Muller
Barbour 12th Samuel Thomas
BelpreOH 9th-10th,12th Matthew Roush
BelpreOH 11th Daman Robinson
Berkeley 9th Bradley Benson View
Berkeley 11th Moriah Creelfox View
Berkeley 12th Zoe NiCastro View
Boone 9th Clifton Flemming View
Boone 9th Brittany Robinson View
Boone 10th Ally Brown View
Boone 11th McKenzie Edmonds
Boone 12th Andrew Boktor View
Braxton 9th Clay Berek
Braxton 10th Corey Carr
Braxton 11th Rachel Clutter View
Braxton 12th Francois Scarboro
Brooke 10th Meghan Harubin View
Brooke 11th Antoine Samuel
Brooke 12th Kelly Trippett
Cabell 9th Clifton Flemming View
Cabell 10th Melvin Tyler View
Cabell 12th Kelly Trippett
Calhoun 9th Sarah Gillespie View
Calhoun 10th Holly Wilson View
Calhoun 11th Moriah Creelfox View
Calhoun 12th Cassandra Lamont View
Clay 9th Juanita Gray
Clay 10th Amanda Thurm View
Clay 11th Brigitte Ellison
Clay 12th Andrew Boktor View
Doddridge 9th Autumn Jones
Doddridge 10th Hollie Gragg
Doddridge 11th Kelsey Jett
Fayette 9th Brianna Shivers
Fayette 10th Brian Williams
Fayette 11th Mackenzie Smith
Fayette 12th Robert Kees
Gilmer 9th Bradley Benson View
Gilmer 10th Hollie Gragg
Gilmer 12th Haley Biller View
Grant 9th Candice Conrad
Grant 10th Angela Myers View
Grant 12th Zoe NiCastro View
Greenbrier 9th Sydnee Vance
Greenbrier 10th Tyler Melvin
Greenbrier 11th Meghan Harubin View
Greenbrier 12th Kelly Trippett
Hampshire 9th Kelsey Palmer
Hampshire 12th Cassandra Lamont View
Hancock 10th Jesse Broussard
Hancock 12th Kelly Trippett
Hardy 9th Brittany Robinson View
Hardy 10th Holly Wilson View
Hardy 11th Jessy Moore
Hardy 12th Zoe NiCastro View
Harrison 9th Kelsey Palmer
Harrison 10th Hollie Gragg
Harrison 11th Jessy Moore
Harrison 12th Zoe NiCastro View
Jackson 9th Sarah Gillespie View
Jackson 10th Tiffany Brannon View
Jackson 11th Moriah Creelfox View
Kanawha 9th Brianna Shivers
Kanawha 10th Amanda Thurm View
Kanawha 11th McKenzie Edmonds
Kanawha 12th Andrew Boktor View
Lewis 9th Bradley Benson View
Lewis 10th Holly Wilson View
Lewis 11th Jessy Moore
Lewis 12th Hayley Biller View
Logan 9th Hunter Simmons View
Logan 10th Amanda Thurm View
Logan 11th Monica Bush
Logan 12th Jesse Broussard
Marion 9th Savannah Harper View
Marion 10th Taylor Broadwater View
Marion 11th Jaylin Johnson
Marshall 9th Kelsey Palmer
Marshall 10th Samuel Thomas
Mason 9th Anthony "AJ" Howard View
Mason 10th Lauren Chancey
Mason 11th Monica Bush
McDowell 9th Hayley Olson View
McDowell 10th Jaime Shearer
McDowell 11th Mackenzie Smith
McDowell 12th Devonte Brown
Mercer 9th Hunter Simmons View
Mercer 10th Kaylee Dickenson View
Mercer 12th Devonte Brown
Mineral 9th Kelsey Palmer
Mineral 10th Holly Wilson View
Mineral 11th Erica Jones
Mineral 12th Zoe NiCastro View
Mingo 9th Clifton Flemming View
Mingo 10th Lauren Chancey
Mingo 11th Samuel Antoine
Mingo 12th Devonte Brown
Monongalia 9th Savannah Harper View
Monongalia 10th Taylor Broadwater View
Monongalia 11th Erica Jones
Monroe 9th Anthony "AJ" Howard View
Monroe 10th Amanda Thurm View
Monroe 11th McKenzie Edmonds
Monroe 12th Kelly Trippett
Morgan 10th Kathlyne Simmons
Morgan 11th Erica Jones
Morgan 12th Zoe NiCastro View
Nicholas 9th Daylon Cason
Nicholas 10th Brian Williams
Nicholas 11th Brigitte Ellison
Nicholas 12th Robert Kees
Ohio 9th Kelsey Palmer
Out of State 9th-12th Matthew Roush
Pendleton 9th Daylon Cason
Pendleton 10th Corey Carr
Pendleton 11th Meghan Harubin View
Pleasants 9th Cassandra Lamont View
Pleasants 10th Taylor Broadwater View
Pleasants 11th Kelsey Jett
Pocahontas 9th Berek Clay
Pocahontas 10th Marquis Frazier
Pocahontas 11th Samuel Antoine
Pocahontas 12th Andrew Boktor View
Preston 9th Jenae Shar View
Preston 10th Angela Myers View
Preston 11th Erica Jones
Preston 12th Torence Collins
Putnam 9th Anthony "AJ" Howard View
Putnam 10th Lauren Chancey
Putnam 11th Monica Bush
Putnam 12th Jesse Broussard
Raleigh 9th Juanita Gray
Raleigh 10th Kaylee Dickenson View
Raleigh 11th Mackenzie Smith
Raleigh 12th Brandon Peck
Randolph 9th Brittany Robinson View
Randolph 10th Jaylin Johnson
Randolph 11th-12th Christopher Varner View
Roane 9th Sarah Gillespie View
Roane 10th Tiffany Brannon View
Roane 11th Moriah Creelfox View
Roane 12th Cassandra Lamont View
Summers 10th Jesse Broussard
Summers 11th McKenzie Edmonds
Taylor 9th Jenae Shar View
Taylor 10th Jaylin Johnson
Taylor 11th Samuel Thomas
Taylor 12th Torence Collins
Tucker 9th Candice Conrad
Tucker 10th Angela Myers View
Tucker 11th Erica Jones
Tucker 12th Zoe NiCastro View
Tyler 9th Autumn Jones
Tyler 10th Hollie Gragg
Tyler 11th Jessy Moore
Tyler 12th Cassandra Lamont View
Upshur 9th Bradley Benson View
Upshur 10th Holly Wilson View
Upshur 11th Jaylin Johnson
Upshur 12th Haley Biller View
Wayne 9th Hayley Olson View
Wayne 10th Jaime Shearer
Wayne 12th Andrew Boktor View
Webster 9th Berek Clay
Webster 10th Jaime Shearer
Webster 11th Rachel Clutter View
Webster 12th Samuel Canfield View
Wetzel 9th Jenae Shar View
Wetzel 10th Kathlyne Simmons
Wetzel 11th Samuel Thomas
Wirt 9th Brittany Robinson View
Wirt 10th Taylor Broadwater View
Wirt 11th Moriah Creelfox View
Wirt 12th Cassandra Lamont View
Wood 9th Autumn Jones
Wood 10th Tiffany Brannon View
Wood 11th Kelsey Jett
Wood 12th Tiffany Muller
Wyoming 8th Hunter Simmons View
Wyoming 9th Sydnee Vance
Wyoming 10th Kaci Mullins View
Wyoming 11th Andrew Mattox View
Wyoming 12th Brandon Peck


Stacy Adkins photo Stacy Adkins
Interim Director, Hidden Promise Scholars Program, Hidden Promise Consortium
103 Louis Bennett Hall
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