Jeremy Keene photo Dr. Jeremy L. Keene
Assistant Professor of Biology, Science and Mathematics Department
302B Science Hall
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Ph. D. -Ohio University
M.S. - Missouri State University
B.S.- Missouri State University

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Keene joined the Glenville State faculty in 2015 following a research position at Missouri State. He teaches Biology courses, including Principles of Biology II, Ecology, Botany, Plant Physiology and Techniques of Science. Dr. Keeneā€™s research integrates morphological, anatomical, and molecular approaches to examine species relationships and reproductive patterns in an evolutionary context. His specialty is the systematics of Neotropical African violet genera (Gloxiniinae: Gesneriaceae).

Recent Articles:

  • Keene, JL & JL Clark. 2014. Two new species of Monopyle (Gesneriaceae) from Panama. Novon. 23(3): 281-286.
  • King, SH, J Moody-Weis, PL Redfearn Jr., JL Keene, LM Bowe. 2012. Plants of the Bull Shoals Field Station. Missouriensis 31: 19-43.
  • Keene, JL, JL Clark, and HE Ballard. 2011. Two New Species of Monopyle (Gesneriaceae) from Northern Ecuador. Journal of the Botanical Institute of Texas 5(2): 513-520.

Recent Presentations:

  • Keene, JL. 2015. A Reassessment of Monopyle. Missouri Native Plant Society-Springfield Chapter. Invited.
  • Keene, JL. 2014. Monopyle and all the others in the room (clade). National Capital Chapter of The Gesneriad Society. Invited.
  • Keene, JL and HE Ballard. 2013. A Molecular Assessment of Monopyle (Gloxinieae: Gesneriaceae). Botanical Society of America. Botany 2013.
  • Keene, JL and HE Ballard. 2013. Where is Monopyle? International Gesneriad Convention 2013.
  • Keene, JL. 2012. Species of the Monopyle clade within Gloxinieae. Tampa Bay Gesneriad Society. Invited.
  • Keene, JL and HE Ballard. 2012. Morphological treatment of the Monopyle Benth. from Central America. Botanical Society of America. Botany 2012.