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Glenville State College offers college courses in the evenings at Braxton County High School, called the Braxton County Center. Braxton County Center and High School

Glenville State College periodically offers college courses in the evenings at Braxton County High School. This location is noted as the Braxton County Center (BCC) as the building on the complete course schedule. All off campus courses are listed in purple on the course schedule so be sure to check the building code to ensure you select the proper location.

These course are held one night a week during the regular semester. It is important that you note courses offered at BCC do not follow a set rotation as courses on the main campus do. Typical course offerings include general studies courses.

Scholarships may be available to non-traditional students completing courses at BCC. Please see information on the website regarding the Lorena Hefner and Hunter/Singleton Scholarships.

When the high school is closed due to inclement weather, or other circumstances, courses held through the BCC are also canceled for the night.

If you are a new student please contact the Admissions Office to apply and begin the registration process. If you are a current GSC student please see your academic advisor for integrating BCC courses into your class schedule during advising and registration times.