The Criminal Justice Scholarship Program (CJASP), formerly known as DMAPS, is an online program geared toward the non-traditional law enforcement and correctional officers. CJASP is open to federal, state, county, and city employees that have completed a certified law enforcement or corrections training academy and are employed in the corrections field. This program currently offers two degree programs students may complete: Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Administration of Justice.

Students in this program will be awarded articulation agreement credit for up to 23 college credits based on the completion of their certified academy training. Articulation agreement credits will not be posted to student records until their first semester of enrollment as a degree seeking student. An articulation agreement is between one institution of higher education and a particular outside organization. The credits awarded through this agreement are typically not accepted by other institutions of higher education. These credits are awarded to students based on the guidelines in the current college catalog.

To become enrolled in courses students must submit an application for admission and all documentation necessary for full admission prior to enrollment. Admission requirements may be found here. Once students have been fully admitted they may begin the registration process.

Another benefit to being enrolled in CJASP is the tuition cost savings. To be eligible for the tuition savings students must complete their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and be eligible for aid. A step-by-step tuition breakdown may be found here. (PDF document).

For additional information you may contact the Off Campus Programs Office by email at or 304-462-6127.

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