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ROTC patch Scholarships and stipends in Army ROTC help you focus on what's important. Namely, getting that college degree — not how you'll pay for it.

Army ROTC Scholarships:
Whether you're a college-bound high school student or already attending a college or university, Army ROTC has scholarships available. Scholarships are awarded based on a student's merit and grades, not financial need.

Army ROTC scholarships consist of:
Two-, three-, and four-year scholarship options based on the time remaining to complete your degree Full-tuition scholarships The option for room and board in place of tuition, if you should qualify Additional allowances for books and fees.

Living Expenses:
Army ROTC scholarships also provide monthly living allowances for each school year. You can earn certain amounts depending on your level in the Army ROTC curriculum:
  • 1st year, $300 per month
  • 2nd year, $350 per month
  • 3rd year, $450 per month
  • 4th year, $500 per month
This allowance is also available to all non-scholarship Cadets enrolled in the Army ROTC Advanced Course (3rd and 4th years).

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