2014 Pioneer Showcase Booklet
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First Session

First place - Adam Wilson
Second place - Randy Smith
Third place - Emily Ramezan and Morgan Scarpellini

Second Session

First place - Chris Rhodes
Second place - Stefanie Gladders
Third place - Judith Urbanic

Third Session

First place - Tuba & Euphonium Ensemble students
Second place - Learning and Memory course students
Third place - Plant Physiology course students

Diversity Symposium

First place - Plant Physiology course students
Second place - Michael Singleton
Third place - Intermediate Art and Design course students


Fourth Annual Pioneer Showcase Creative Arts and Research Forum Research Program and Abstracts This file is in PDF format

News Articles

Fourth Annual Pioneer Showcase Winners Announced, April 29, 2014
2014 Pioneer Showcase, April 3, 2014
Fourth Annual GSC Pioneer Showcase April 22nd, April 16, 2014


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Chris Rhodes, 1st place winner, second session
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Chris Rhodes
Chris Rhodes, 1st place winner, second session
Randy Smith
Randy Smith, 2nd place winner, first session
psychology 390 class
Dr. Alan Daniel, Ashley Smallwood, and Sam Brooker
representing Daniel's Psychology 390 class.
2nd place, third session
Art and design class
GSC students David Carder, Lamont Cole, Jazmin Gordon, Ryan Singleton,
and Mr. Chris Cosner
representing Cosner's Intermediate Art and Design class.
Diversity Symposium Award
Michael Singleton
Michael Singleton, Diversity Symposium award
Stefanie Gladders
Stefanie Gladders, 2nd place, second session
Judith Urbanic
Judith Urbanic, 3rd place, second session