2016 Pioneer Showcase Booklet
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First place
Colton Carpenter and Caleb Long
Handcrafted Knives: Symbols of Virginia's Oral Tradition

Social Science

First place
Sarah Gillespie
Comparing Different Countries' Educational Systems

Science Projects

First place
Christopher B. Curtis, Ryan Mizia, Kathy Childers, and Daniel Cameron
Caluclating the Mass of Saturn

Science Research

First place
Tia LeMaster and Kevin Evans
Effect of UV Radiation on anti-Markovnikov Hydrobromination of Alkenes

Second place
Tia LeMaster and Gary Morris
Structure-Function Differences between PKA-Cα and PKA-Cγ


Sixth Annual Pioneer Showcase Schedule This file is in PDF format
Sixth Annual Pioneer Showcase Abstracts This file is in PDF format

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Pioneer Showcase to Kick Off with Ecology, April 14, 2016