GSC is the perfect size and the people are very nice.
- Brittany L., freshman, Music Education
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J. Evans photo Dr. J. Joe Evans
Professor of Physical Science
402A Science Hall
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Kevin Evans photo Dr. Kevin L. Evans
Professor of Chemistry
402C Science Hall
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Larry Baker photo Mr. Larry R. Baker
Associate Professor of Physical Science
402D Science Hall
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Wenwen Du photo Dr. Wenwen Du
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
202D Science Hall
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Gary Morris photo Dr. Gary Z. Morris, Chair
Associate Professor of Biology
102B Science Hall
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J. O'Dell photo Dr. J. David O'Dell
Associate Professor of Chemistry
402B Science Hall
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Paul Peck photo Mr. Paul S. Peck
Associate Professor of Mathematics
202B Science Hall
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Sara Sawyer photo Dr. Sara J. Sawyer
Associate Professor of Biology
302C Science Hall
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Jeremy Keene photo Dr. Jeremy L. Keene
Assistant Professor of Biology
302B Science Hall
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David Bailey photo Mr. David A. Bailey
Visiting Instructor of Developmental Math
102D Clark Hall
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Kayleigh Huck photo Kayleigh Huck
Visiting Instructor of Developmental Math
302A Science Hall
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Avan McHenry photo Ms. Avan I. McHenry
Visiting Instructor of Developmental Mathematics
102B Clark Hall
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Joseph Wood photo Mr. Joseph C. Wood
Visiting Instructor of Mathematics
202A Science Hall
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Debbie Starcher-Johnson photo Debbie Starcher-Johnson
Administrative Secretary
102 Science Hall
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