I like the small class sizes.
- Nigel J., senior, History


Children, aging, strange people, power, and events that happened long ago and far away---these are some of the things we study in the Department of Social Science.

Our principal areas of study are history (with a strong dose of political science), psychology and sociology, and social studies education. Our faculty are experienced professionals, and most have earned doctorates. We hired them because they care about teaching and helping their students succeed.

We work with student clubs, we take field trips, and we send students on internships. We bring the world into the classroom to prepare our students to take their rightful places in the world.


For additional information about the Department of Social Science, its programs, faculty, and organizations contact:

Ida Mills photo Dr. Ida M. Mills
Associate Professor of Social Work / Sociology, Social Science Department
235 Louis Bennett Hall
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