I chose GSC for the great Criminal Justice program.
- Scott W., freshman,Criminal Justice
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Arthur DeMatteo photo Dr. Arthur E. "Art" DeMatteo, Chair
Professor of History
234 Louis Bennett Hall
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Frederick Walborn photo Dr. Frederick S. Walborn
Professor of Psychology
233 Louis Bennett Hall
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Michael Gherke photo Dr. Michael E. "Mike" Gherke
Associate Professor of History
232 Louis Bennett Hall
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C. Wood photo Dr. C. E. "Ed" Wood
Associate Professor of History
231 Louis Bennett Hall
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Marisha Lecea photo Dr. Marisha Lecea
Assistant Professor of Political Science
235 Louis Bennett Hall
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Shirley Alt photo Dr. Shirley Alt
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
Louis Bennett Hall
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Brittany  Benson photo Brittany Benson
Administrative Secretary
Louis Bennett Hall
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