Glenville State College Pioneer Ambassadors are our student staff in the Office of Admissions. If you are visiting campus, one of these ambassadors will be helping you Pioneer your own trail through GSC. Get to know all of our Pioneer Ambassadors.

Morgan Allen

Morgan Allen
  • Major: Secondary math
  • Class: 2017
  • Hometown: Normantown, WV
  • Activities at GSC: Honors Program
  • Hobbies: Spending time with friends, athletics, hunting, and fishing
  • Favorite thing about GSC: Not far from home and extremely nice professors.
  • Why did I choose GSC: The atmosphere on campus made me confident that I could succeed here.
  • Advice to future Pioneers: Come on campus a few times to really get a good feel of how a normal day is spent.

Kristian Barr

Kristian Barr
  • Major: Criminal Justice
  • Class: 2016
  • Hometown: Queens, NY
  • Activities at GSC: Boxing
  • Hobbies: Working out, hanging out with friends
  • Favorite thing about GSC: Not too big, not too far from where I live. The staff and faculty are great.
  • Why did I choose GSC: Not too far from family. I wanted to go to a smaller school.
  • Advice to future Pioneers: Come take a tour with me!

Larisa Gordon

Larissa Gordon
  • Major: Secondary Math
  • Class: 2017
  • Hometown: Cox's Mills, WV
  • Activities at GSC: Track and Field, Honors Program
  • Hobbies: Reading, playing with my dog, babysitting my niece and nephew
  • Favorite things about GSC: Close to home, friendly people, and working on campus
  • Why did you choose GSC: Great Education Department
  • Advice to future Pioneers: Apply Early