Marcal Lazenby photograph
Marcal Lazenby,
Assistant Athletic
Director for Compliance

The two main functions of the Athletic Compliance Office are to educate and monitor. The compliance office meets with coaches and student-athletes to provide information and materials on the applications of the complexities of the NCAA Bylaws. The compliance office also monitors functions of the athletic department that are governed by NCAA legislation.

The Athletic Compliance Office works to identify and reduce areas of risk within the athletic program that could negatively impact Glenville State College. If a problem arises, it is the responsibility of the Athletic Compliance Office to determine how the problem occurred, how it could have been prevented, and how to reduce the chances of it occurring in the future.

All components within an athletic program must work together and each function properly, effectively, and efficiently to ensure compliance. It must be a shared responsibility. Each person interested in Glenville State College athletics assists the athletic program by knowing and complying with NCAA rules. For more information, please contact the Glenville State College Athletic Compliance Office.