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Fax List

Associated Press1-304-345-5282
WVIAC1-304-487-6299 or 1-304-345-5282
Charleston Daily Mail1-304-348-4847
Parkersburg News1-304-485-5122
Bluefield Newspaper1-304-327-6179
Clarksburg Exponent1-304-624-4188 / 9441
Glenville Democrat1-304-462-7300
Wheeling News-Register1-304-214-5020
Glenville State SID1-304-462-5593
The Summit 100.3 WAFD Radio1-304-765-7836

Call List

ESPN Ticker1-800-760-5848 or 1-800-367-8935 / 336-0383
WBOY Channel 121-800-472-6693
WCHS Channel 81-888-696-9247
WDTV Channel 51-800-296-5556 x 32
The Summit 100.3 WAFD Radio1-304-765-7373