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Number Name Position Height Weight Class Hometown
Benner, Broc 5'10" 170 Freshman Mantua, OH
Bruce, Alan 6'2" Senior Troon, Scotland
Burkhammer, Cole Freshman St. Mary's, WV
Crist, Sidney 5'8" 170 Freshman Mt. Cove, WV
Davis, Eric 5'11" 250 Sophomore Oxford, CA
Deal, Trenton 5'10" 130 Sophomore Summersville, WV
Dietrich, Justin Sophomore Claringto, OH
Dolan, Brandon 5'11" 170 Senior Lewisburg, WV
Edwards, Chris 5'10" 210 Sophomore Hurricane, WV
Evans, Joe 5'10" 195 Senior Shady Spring, WV
Fields, Jamie County Kerry, Ireland
Fitzwater, Ryan 5'9" 165 Sophomore Mt.Zion, WV
Groves, Jonathan 6'0" 270 Sophomore Webster Springs, WV
Harris, Josh 6'0" 225 Junior Webster Springs, WV
Haskins, Adrien 6'3" 185 Sophomore Martinsburg, WV
Holden, Curtis 5'11" 215 Sophomore Weston, WV
Hott, Greg 5'9" 185 Sophomore Franklin, WV
James, Cody 6'1" 165 Sophomore Normantown, WV
Johnson, Barrett 5'10" 170 Sophomore Buckhannon, WV
Karp, Bryson Senior Weston, WV
Leonard, Adam 6'0" 160 Senior Hedgesville, WV
Louk, Alex Sophomore Buckhannon, WV
Ludwig, Tyler Senior Ripley, WV
Martin, Timothy 6'1" 255 Parkersburg, WV
McClung, JP 5'9" 160 Junior Mt. Nebo, WV
Meeks, Tom Senior Sistersville, WV
Meeks, Trey 6'2" 178 Senior St.Marys, WV
Metz, Matthew 6'1" 175 Senior Cairo, WV
Moore, Matt Elizabeth, WV
Mossor, Tyler 5'10" 172 Junior Harrisville, WV
Murin, Nick Butler, PA
Myers, Derek 6'3" 165 Sophomore Harrisville, WV
Robinson, Matt Freshman Elizabeth, WV
Sprague, Trae 6'2" 190 Senior Parkersburg, WV
Teculver, Taylor 6'2" 165 Senior Clymer, NY

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