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The objective of the Athletics Department is to reflect and support the mission of Glenville State College through intercollegiate athletics. Glenville State College Athletics is committed to operating a program which meets the recognized standards of excellence set forth by NCAA Division II and is dedicated to the recruitment of academically able, diverse and socially responsible student-athletes. As intercollegiate athletics is recognized as part of the physical, cultural and social development of the Glenville State College student, Glenville State College Athletics shares a common value and purpose by providing an environment which nurtures and demonstrates integrity, pride, diversity and leadership. Glenville State College Athletics contributes to the community of learners at Glenville State College and demonstrates its mission in the following ways:

  • Glenville State College Athletics is committed to academic integrity and demonstrates the prioritization of academics above athletics through recruitment, scheduling and involvement of the faculty.
  • Glenville State College Athletics supports ethical coaching standards which are demonstrated through staff education, recruiting policies, and monitoring of activities.
  • Glenville State College Athletics is committed to institutional control by direct accountability to the President, implementation of campus-wide compliance procedures, and annual staff education meetings.
  • Glenville State College Athletics is committed to student-athletic welfare through sponsorship of a student-athlete council, wellness and education programs and student-athlete involvement.
  • Glenville State College Athletics is committed to financial integrity through adherence to college-wide business and finance procedures, and NCAA state audits.
  • Glenville State College Athletics supports an environment of equity and diversity in which all students and staff are provided the support and resources necessary for success.


The philosophy of Glenville State College Athletics is to establish a program in which the institutional focus of this college as well as the standards of amateurism and fair play as set forth by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is maintained.

The athletic program is committed to an environment which emphasizes the total education of student-athletes and sustains its commitment through special programs to enhance the physical well-being, emotional growth and academic success of student-athletes.

Athletes: Your Responsibilities

Being away from home and part of a diverse campus community means greater freedom to make your own decisions and pursue personal interests. As a member of an intercollegiate athletic team you will also be a very visible part of the community. With that freedom and visibility comes responsibility. Athletes representing Glenville State College must manage their lifestyles in ways that set good examples of moral and ethical conduct. As a student-athlete, your actions matter- not only to you, but also to your teammates, your athletic department and Glenville State College.

As a student-athlete you are responsible for meeting the following obligations:

You are expected to participate in and be on time to practices, training, team meals and meetings. You are expected to comply with all team policies as set forth by your coach.
You are expected to attend class, complete assignments on time and work diligently toward a degree. You are expected to meet all academic requirements of Glenville State College, Glenville State Athletics, Mountain East Conference and (MEC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
You are expected to abide by team conduct rules as well as the rules and regulations of Glenville State College. You are also expected to uphold the sportsmanship and integrity of the MEC and the NCAA.