3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  WALSH vs. Glenville State
  Date: Nov 09, 2013 • Site: Glenville, WV

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Gsc13 3-5on Gsc1322Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00.
Gsc13 3-5on Gsc1322GSC13 ball on GSC1335.
 Drive: 2 plays, 5 yards, TOP 0:26
Ryan Cullen kickoff 60 yards to the WALSH5, Aaron Male return 30 yards to the WALSH35 (Keith Mayes).
Walsh 1-10on Walsh35WALSH drive start at 14:52.
Walsh 1-10on Walsh35Steve Smith rush for 5 yards to the WALSH40 (Brian Lambert).
Walsh 2-5on Walsh40Steve Smith rush for 4 yards to the WALSH44 (Adrian Davis).
Walsh 3-1on Walsh44Steve Smith rush for 4 yards to the WALSH48, 1ST DOWN WALSH (James Johnson).
Walsh 1-10on Walsh48Steve Smith rush for 1 yard to the WALSH49 (Gary Henderson).
Walsh 2-9on Walsh49Jason Fracassa pass complete to Krishawn Hogan for 18 yards to the GSC1333, 1ST DOWN WALSH (Adrian Davis).
Walsh 1-10on Gsc1333Aaron Male rush for 1 yard to the GSC1332 (Gary Henderson), PENALTY WALSH holding 9 yards to the GSC1342, NO PLAY.
Walsh 1-19on Gsc1342Jason Fracassa pass incomplete to Jerald Robinson.
Walsh 2-19on Gsc1342Jason Fracassa pass complete to Aaron Male for 20 yards to the GSC1322, 1ST DOWN WALSH, out-of-bounds (Adrian Davis).
Walsh 1-10on Gsc1322PENALTY WALSH false start (Vinnie Cordova) 5 yards to the GSC1327.
Walsh 1-15on Gsc1327Jason Fracassa pass incomplete to Kyle Crum (Terry Reese).
Walsh 2-15on Gsc1327Steve Smith rush for 6 yards to the GSC1321 (Brian Lambert).
Walsh 3-9on Gsc1321Jason Fracassa pass complete to Steve Smith for no gain to the GSC1321 (Elijah Sala).
Walsh 4-9on Gsc1321Michael Dudics field goal attempt from 38 GOOD, clock 10:20.
Glenville State 26, WALSH 13
 Drive: 11 plays, 44 yards, TOP 4:32
Michael Dudics kickoff 30 yards to the GSC1335, fair catch by M. Gilchrist.
Gsc13 1-10on Gsc1335GLENVILLE STATE drive start at 10:20.
Gsc13 1-10on Gsc1335Rahmann Lee rush for 4 yards to the GSC1339 (Jamaal McClain).
Gsc13 2-6on Gsc1339Steffen Colon pass incomplete to Quin Thornton.
Gsc13 3-6on Gsc1339Steffen Colon pass complete to Delvon Purvis for 1 yard to the GSC1340, fumble forced by Cory Farcas, fumble by Delvon Purvis recovered by WALSH Mike Kohler at WALSH42.
 Drive: 3 plays, 23 yards, TOP 0:37
Walsh 1-10on Walsh42WALSH drive start at 09:43.
Walsh 1-10on Walsh42Jason Fracassa pass intercepted by Justin Feagin at the GSC134, Justin Feagin return 0 yards to the GSC134.
 Drive: 1 play, 0 yards, TOP 0:09
Gsc13 1-10on Gsc1304GLENVILLE STATE drive start at 09:34.
Gsc13 1-10on Gsc1304Rahmann Lee rush for 4 yards to the GSC138 (Pat White;Kyle Kelly).
Gsc13 2-6on Gsc1308Rahmann Lee rush for 13 yards to the GSC1321, 1ST DOWN GSC13 (Pat White), PENALTY WALSH personal foul (Pat White) 15 yards to the GSC1336, 1ST DOWN GSC13.
Gsc13 1-10on Gsc13361st and 10.
Gsc13 1-10on Gsc1336PENALTY GSC13 false start (Nicholas Fehoko) 5 yards to the GSC1331.
Gsc13 1-15on Gsc1331Rahmann Lee rush for 2 yards to the GSC1333 (Mike Kohler).
Gsc13 2-13on Gsc1333Rahmann Lee rush for 2 yards to the GSC1335 (Andrew Roy).
Gsc13 3-11on Gsc1335Steffen Colon rush for 3 yards to the GSC1338 (Jalon Avent).
Gsc13 4-8on Gsc1338T. Czajkowski punt 46 yards to the WALSH16, Pat White return -2 yards to the WALSH14 (Zack Mayes;Jermane Allen).
 Drive: 5 plays, 34 yards, TOP 3:23
Walsh 1-10on Walsh14WALSH drive start at 06:11.
Walsh 1-10on Walsh14Jason Fracassa pass complete to Krishawn Hogan for 6 yards to the WALSH20 (James Johnson).
Walsh 2-4on Walsh20Aaron Male rush for 4 yards to the WALSH24, 1ST DOWN WALSH (James Johnson).
Walsh 1-10on Walsh24PENALTY WALSH personal foul (Pete Wearsch) 12 yards to the WALSH12, 1ST DOWN WALSH.
Walsh 1-10on Walsh12Aaron Male rush for 2 yards to the WALSH14 (James Johnson;Brian Lambert).
Walsh 2-8on Walsh14Jason Fracassa sacked for no gain to the WALSH14 (Ian Andrews).
Walsh 3-8on Walsh14Jason Fracassa pass incomplete to Krishawn Hogan (Darren Elliott).
Walsh 4-8on Walsh14Tim Carter punt 36 yards to the 50 yardline, fair catch by Quin Thornton, PENALTY WALSH kick catching interference 16 yards to the WALSH34, 1ST DOWN GSC13, 1st and 10, GSC13 ball on WALSH34.
 Drive: 5 plays, 0 yards, TOP 2:06
Gsc13 1-10on Walsh34GLENVILLE STATE drive start at 04:05.
Gsc13 1-10on Walsh34Steffen Colon pass complete to Delvon Purvis for 11 yards to the WALSH23, 1ST DOWN GSC13 (Cameron Trudell).
Gsc13 1-10on Walsh23Quin Thornton rush for loss of 4 yards to the WALSH27 (Mike Kohler).
Gsc13 2-14on Walsh27Steffen Colon pass incomplete to Jake Harper.
Gsc13 3-14on Walsh27Steffen Colon sacked for loss of 10 yards to the WALSH37 (Mike Kohler;Jalon Avent), PENALTY GSC13 holding declined.
Gsc13 4-24on Walsh37T. Czajkowski punt 37 yards to the WALSH0, touchback.
 Drive: 4 plays, minus 3 yards, TOP 1:47
Walsh 1-10on Walsh25WALSH drive start at 02:18.
Walsh 1-10on Walsh25WALSH ball on WALSH20.
Walsh 1-10on Walsh20Jason Fracassa pass complete to Matt Matuska for 5 yards to the WALSH25, fumble forced by Terry Reese, fumble by Matt Matuska recovered by GSC13 D. Quarles at WALSH27.
 Drive: 1 play, 7 yards, TOP 0:07
Gsc13 1-10on Walsh27GLENVILLE STATE drive start at 02:11.
Gsc13 1-10on Walsh27Rahmann Lee rush for 4 yards to the WALSH23 (Cory Farcas;Chad Phillis).
Gsc13 2-6on Walsh23Steffen Colon pass incomplete to Delvon Purvis.
Gsc13 3-6on Walsh23Rahmann Lee rush for 18 yards to the WALSH5, 1ST DOWN GSC13 (Pat White).
Gsc13 1-Gon Walsh05Rahmann Lee rush for 1 yard to the WALSH4 (Mike Kohler;Andrew Roy), PENALTY GSC13 unsportsmanlike conduct (Rahmann Lee) 15 yards to the WALSH19.
Gsc13 1-Gon Walsh192nd and 19.
Gsc13 2-Gon Walsh19Steffen Colon pass complete to Emmanuel Smith for 16 yards to the WALSH3 (Jamaris Brown).