3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  West Liberty vs. Glenville State
  Date: Sep 13, 2014 • Site: Glenville, WV

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Wlu 3-8on Wlu22Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, GSC ball on GSC35.
 Drive: 2 plays, 2 yards, TOP 0:39
T. Czajkowski kickoff 52 yards to the WLU13, Dylan Potts return 18 yards to the WLU31 (Earon Settles).
Wlu 1-10on Wlu31WEST LIBERTY drive start at 14:52.
Wlu 1-10on Wlu31Jeremiah Ortiz rush for 2 yards to the WLU33 (Spencer Steele;D. Lofton).
Wlu 2-8on Wlu33Jeremiah Ortiz rush for loss of 3 yards to the WLU30 (Gary Henderson).
Wlu 3-11on Wlu30Dakota Conwell pass complete to Jeremiah Ortiz for 1 yard to the WLU31 (Spencer Steele).
Wlu 4-10on Wlu31Griffin Yocum punt 47 yards to the GSC22, Ralph Gordon return 24 yards to the GSC46, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 2:00
Gsc 1-10on Gsc46GLENVILLE STATE drive start at 12:52, PENALTY GSC holding 34 yards to the GSC12, 1ST DOWN GSC.
Gsc 1-10on Gsc121st and 10.
Gsc 1-10on Gsc12Eric Kyle rush for 15 yards to the GSC27, 1ST DOWN GSC (Alec Wood).
Gsc 1-10on Gsc27Sean Steele sacked for loss of 12 yards to the GSC15 (Marc Schumacher).
Gsc 2-22on Gsc15Sean Steele pass complete to Jake Harper for 13 yards to the GSC28 (Marc Schumacher).
Gsc 3-9on Gsc28Sean Steele rush for 11 yards to the GSC39, 1ST DOWN GSC, out-of-bounds (Alec Wood).
Gsc 1-10on Gsc39Rahmann Lee rush for loss of 18 yards to the GSC21 (Tanner Stocker).
Gsc 2-28on Gsc21Sean Steele pass complete to Rahmann Lee for 16 yards to the GSC37 (Marco Ricchetti), PENALTY GSC holding (Dante Absher) 16 yards to the GSC21.
Gsc 2-28on Gsc212nd and 28.
Gsc 2-28on Gsc21Sean Steele pass complete to Damon Lampkin for 7 yards to the GSC28 (Terranc Baldwin).
Gsc 3-21on Gsc28Sean Steele sacked for loss of 5 yards to the GSC23 (Jevon Fripp).
Gsc 4-26on Gsc23T. Czajkowski punt 34 yards to the WLU43, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 8 plays, minus 23 yards, TOP 4:48
Wlu 1-10on Wlu43WEST LIBERTY drive start at 08:04.
Wlu 1-10on Wlu43Jeremiah Ortiz rush for 7 yards to the 50 yardline (James Johnson).
Wlu 2-3on Wlu50Dakota Conwell pass complete to Ben Rogers for 3 yards to the GSC47, 1ST DOWN WLU, out-of-bounds.
Wlu 1-10on Gsc47Dakota Conwell pass complete to Dylan Potts for 9 yards to the GSC38 (Jeff Kidder;Andre Dalton).
Wlu 2-1on Gsc38Jeremiah Ortiz rush for no gain to the GSC38 (Devin Cain;H. McWhorter).
Wlu 3-1on Gsc38Dakota Conwell pass incomplete to Dylan Potts (Zack Mayes).
Wlu 4-1on Gsc38Jeremiah Ortiz rush for 2 yards to the GSC36, 1ST DOWN WLU (Gary Henderson).
Wlu 1-10on Gsc36Dakota Conwell pass incomplete to Anton McCallum.
Wlu 2-10on Gsc36Braxton Gamble rush for 12 yards to the GSC24, 1ST DOWN WLU (H. McWhorter;Alex Robinson).
Wlu 1-10on Gsc24Dakota Conwell pass complete to Ben Rogers for 5 yards to the GSC19 (DeMarcus Davis;Wesley Marsh).
Wlu 2-5on Gsc19Dakota Conwell pass complete to Bran Schroeder for 6 yards to the GSC13, 1ST DOWN WLU (Andre Dalton;Spencer Steele).
Wlu 1-10on Gsc13Braxton Gamble rush for 13 yards to the GSC0, 1ST DOWN WLU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:44.
Zach Musilli kick attempt good.
West Liberty 14, Glenville State 14
 Drive: 11 plays, 57 yards, TOP 3:20
Josh Wilson kickoff 55 yards to the GSC10, Eric Kyle return 24 yards to the GSC34 (Dylan Potts;Ellis Randall).
Gsc 1-10on Gsc34GLENVILLE STATE drive start at 04:38.
Gsc 1-10on Gsc34Tevin Drake rush for 3 yards to the GSC37 (Marc Schumacher).
Gsc 2-7on Gsc37Tevin Drake rush for 20 yards to the WLU43, 1ST DOWN GSC, out-of-bounds (Andrew Faraimo).
Gsc 1-10on Wlu43Sean Steele pass complete to A. Johnson for 6 yards to the WLU37 (Miles Young).
Gsc 2-4on Wlu37Rahmann Lee rush for loss of 2 yards to the WLU39 (Alec Wood).
Gsc 3-6on Wlu39Rahmann Lee rush for 21 yards to the WLU18, 1ST DOWN GSC (Terranc Baldwin).
Gsc 1-10on Wlu18Rahmann Lee rush for 3 yards to the WLU15 (Alec Wood).
Gsc 2-7on Wlu15Tevin Drake rush for 7 yards to the WLU8, 1ST DOWN GSC (Andrew Faraimo).
Gsc 1-Gon Wlu083rd and 1.
Gsc 3-1on Wlu08Tevin Drake rush for 2 yards to the WLU6, 1ST DOWN GSC (Cordell Felder;Marc Schumacher).
Gsc 1-Gon Wlu06Sean Steele pass incomplete to Darren Holbrook (Tim Moody).
Gsc 2-Gon Wlu06Rahmann Lee rush for 6 yards to the WLU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:00.
Tanner Wright kick attempt good.
Glenville State 21, West Liberty 14