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Glenville State College shows a proud display of student-athletes battling on the fields and courts to bring home a victory. These fine athletes perform and look good on those fields and courts, but many spectators do not know what goes on "behind the scenes!"

The sport that fans watch on Saturday afternoons in the fall or on any given evening in the winter does not go without athletes giving their all during practice sessions prior to contests. Unfortunately, giving their all may come with some consequences…INJURIES!

These injuries may happen during the game, during practice, or may just come on from overuse. When they occur, who is there to take care of them? Athletic Trainers teamed with physicians make up the sports medicine staff that works countless hours to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate injuries so the athletes you see during competition can perform at their optimal level.

At Glenville State College this Athletic Training Staff works out of two facilities. A large training room equipped with the latest technology and rehabilitation equipment serves as the main hub for daily care. Also, within the Glenville State Football Field house a training room is setup for taping and treatment for games and practices.


Brent Walters photo Brent Walters
Athletic Trainer, Athletics Department
BL34 Waco Center
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Yoshikatsu  Abe photo Yoshikatsu Abe
Athletic Trainer, Athletics Department
BL35 Waco Center
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