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All forms are in PDF format This file is in PDF format

Approval to Announce/Advertise Job Vacancy
Business Card Order Form
Compensatory Time Agreement
Disability Benefit Payment Option Form
Educational Release Time
Employment Application
Exit Checklist for Classified and Non-Classified
Exit Checklist for Faculty
Extra Work Hours Approval
HEPC Compensation Deferral Election Under Section 457(b) Plan
HEPC Compensation Deferral Election Under Section 403(b) Plan
HEPC 401(a) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Vendor Selection Form
Name/Social Security Number/Address Change Form
Personnel Action Request Adjunct Faculty-Only
Personnel Action Request
Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ) in PDF format
Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ) in Word format
Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ) Training Handout
Request for Key Issue
Request to Hire
Request to Teach
Staff Performance Appraisal
Staff Performance Evaluation - Preappraisal Form
Tuition Waiver for Employee, Spouse, or Dependent
Voluntary Service(s) Approval/Release Form
Volunteers Supervisor's Guide
Waiver of Timeline Form

Kronos Forms

How to Print a Timecard
Kronos Signature Block
Two Week Student Time Sheet

New Hires

Deferred Compensation Election Form (Faculty Only)
Drug Free Workplace Form
I-9 Employment Eligibility Form
Payroll Direct Deposit Form
Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)
Withholding Exemption Certificate (I.T. 104)

Medical Management

Catastrophic Leave Donor Application
Catastrophic Leave Recipient Application
Medical Verification Form
Return to Work Verification
Workplace Injury/Illness Report Form

Accommodation Requests
Information on ADA Compliance can be found elsewhere in the Human Resources section of our website.

General Request for Disability Accommodation
Request for Housing Accommodation
Request for Religious Accommodation
Student Request for Religious Accommodation

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