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Gilmer County NYA Images

National Youth Administration org chart

As part of the New Deal, the National Youth Administration (NYA) was designed to allow youth to exchange labor for learning. First, the NYA provided grants to college-age students who were willing to work within the program. Second, the NYA gave young people the opportunity to participate in federally funded work programs to gain on-the-job training. Below are several local schools that benefited from NYA projects.

glenville high school, circa 1933

Glenville High School:
The NYA repaired and replaced fencing. A landscaping project also took place because of damage done by erosion. The NYA also provided the school with "chinning bars."

Sand Fork High School, circa 1933

Sand Fork High School:
The NYA replaced 150 feet of sewer line at Sand Fork High School. The school also benefited from a grading and leveling project, which provided for a new driveway and better landscaping. Trees, shrubs, and flowers were also planted to further beautify the school.

Tanner High School, circa 1933

Tanner High School:
The Tanner High School benefited in multiple ways because of the NYA's involvement there. The former Revel one-room school house was torn down in order to build a bus garage and storage room. The NYA also improved the grounds by excavating and laying a driveway for the school.

Cedarville Junior High, circa 1933

Cedarville High School:
The NYA provided the school with a driveway and playground equipment. Trees, shrubs, and flowers were also planted to improve the exterior appearance of the school.

Troy School, circa 1933

Troy High School:
The NYA constructed a fence along the front of the building, did grading, and leveled for a proposed gymnasium. The NYA also drained the athletic field by using 250 feet of tiling, built playground equipment, and did some landscaping.

Normantown High

Normantown High School:
The NYA did a major remodeling effort here. They converted the original gymnasium into five additional classrooms and a boiler room. After the renovations were complete, a new gymnasium was constructed with seating capacity for 250 people. The project also involved a gas line replacement and construction of a 200 foot rock wall.