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GSC Administrative Archives - GSC Athletic Association. 1906-11.

Included are minutes of the Athletic Board of Directors from 1906-11. Men's athletic Association's election of officers. Annual Meetings. 1 ff.

The first Athletic Association at Glenville State College was formed in 1908. The athletic interests of the school were put into the hands of the Athletic Association. The organization is composed of any member of the school who cared to join, but the controlling power was given to the students. The association elected officers, but the executive function wass vested in a board of five, one of whom was a member of the faculty. Glenville State had a football team and baseball team. The school also had a tennis court (History GSC, page 272). The Athletic Association's management was given to the faculty in the years of 1916-17. Coach Nate Rohrbough formed 12 teams in the year 1935. Ledger of members, the Glenville Normal School Athletic Association, the Board of Directors and officers 1906-07. Accounts, cash receipts and records paid out, By Laws, Constitution.