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GSC Administrative Archives - Cosmian Literary Society (CLS). 1900-06

The Journal of the Glenville Branch Normal School of Gilmer County, West Virginia. Roll of members (CLS) 1900-06, minutes of meetings of the Cosmian Literary Society, standard rules, and By Laws. Constitution adopted March 12, 1903. Elected Officers. 1 box.

The rhetorical and literary work of the school is largely increased by two literary societies, the Cosmian (CLS), and the Independent. Membership was voluntary, but students were encouraged to become members. They made their rules, and elected their officers. (GSC 1875-09, page 40, Literary Societies)

Roll of Members of Cosmian Literary Society (CLS) 1900-06. Minutes, Standing Rules, By Laws, and Constitution adopter March 12, 1903. President was I. B. Nutter.