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GSC Administrative Archives - GSC Executive Committee

Minute Books, Accounts Books, Checkbook Stubs and two Enrollment Journals. 1873-1934. 1 ft.

The Journal of the Glenville Branch Normal School of Gilmer County, West Virginia. Included are the minutes of Executive Committee, the election of officers, accounts of Funds, (1873-82, 1884-97, 1897-99), financial statements, (1894-99), checkbook stubs of the Executive Committee, W. D. Whiting Treasurer (1900-01), and Miscellaneous Papers, (1872-95). Day Books consist of two Enrollment Journals with the GSC Normal School cash receipts from 1933-34.

The West Virginia Legislature established the "Glenville Branch of the State Normal School" on February 19, 1872. The act required Glenville citizens to supply the school facilities.

The first session of the Glenville Branch was held on January 14, 1873, in a little red courthouse bought by T. Marcllus Marshall, acting principal with his assistant Gay Pew and Stephen L. Ruddell as treasurer for $25 at an auction. Then in 1873 the association bought the Lively house located where the administration building is now for $2,000 and sold the courthouse for $300 to Peregrine Hays. Marshall volunteered to remodel the Lively house by September for the next session. The furniture was obtained by mortgaging three-fifths to the State Board of Regents. Marshall was born May 17, 1851, at Stouts Mills, West Virginia (History of GSC, page 102).

The Executive Committee was first mentioned in the College Catalogue for the year 1875-76. This committee was composed of a chairman, a secretary, and treasurer. They had control of the school affairs until the year 1909-10, or Board of Regents (History of GSC, page95).

Louis Bennett became the first principal. Marshall resigned in 1881 to enter the ministry. S. P. Lazear served as principal 1881-82. Graduated from West Liberty Normal School, Bethany College, Glenville Normal School, 1882-84. Born October 13, 1846, in Brooks County, Virginia (History GSC, page98). Robert Franklin Kidd was a newspaper editor and served 1882-84, as a member of House of Delegates or the Senate and helped obtain funding through Glenville State College 1875-09. Born in Upshur county February 11, 1853 (History of Gilmer County, West Virginia. 1845-1989, page 102). Louis Bennett 1873-75, born November 27, 1849, at Weston, West Virginia, was the son of the Honorable Jonathan M. Bennett, prominent lawyer and businessman, and Margaret E. Bennett, a near relative of Stonewall Jackson (History of GSC, page 105).

E. G. Rohrbaugh was president 1908-14, and 1915-42 (History GSC, page 117). Served continuously from 1908-42 with the exception of 1914-15. Graduate work at Harvard.

Miss Verona Maple 1891-92. Born at Spages Post Office in Green County, Pennsylvania. Graduated from Fairmont Normal School in 1879. First assistant teacher at Glenville Normal from 1882-94. Serving one year as principal, but twelve years on the staff (History GSC, page114).

M.D. Helmick 1892-95. Attended Fairmont Normal School, West Virginia University and received his A.B. in 1886. He was also a graduate student at Harvard University in 1891 (History GSC, page 1114).

Samuel B. Brown 1885-90. Received his A.B. degree from West Virginia University in 1883 and his A.M. degree from there in 1886. He was also a graduate student at Harvard University in 1881 (History GSC, page 1111).