None of us knew where Korea was at the time. We had never heard of it.
- Allen Barb, Army veteran, Moorefield WV

The West Virginia Veterans' Legacy Project seeks to preserve and protect the recollections, memories, and stories of men and women who served in the US military. Within these pages are oral and video interviews, photographs, certificates, and memorabilia associated with West Virginia's veterans. Also of interest is a WWII era grassroots newspaper called The Horse's Mouth.

Above is a trailer for the hour long video Tradition of Service, which aired on West Virginia Public Television in late 2012. Tradition of Service tells of West Virginians' participation in the armed forces throughout the history of our nation. It includes photos and excerpts of audio and video interviews collected as part of the Veteran's Legacy Project.

Below is a sample spread from the 195 page book, Heroes Among Us, another product of the Veteran's Legacy Project. You can click it to see a larger image. Primarily a book of photographs, it discusses the role of West Virginians in the Civil War; it includes comments from a WWI veteran and comments from multiple contributors regarding WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, Desert Storm, and Iraq/Afghanistan. Order your own book, DVD, or set today.