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In general, books circulate for a two week (14 day) period and audio visual materials (such as DVDs) circulate for a one week (seven day) period. GSC faculty and staff have an extended circulation period. Overdues are $0.10 a day per item and $0.25 an hour per item for reserve items. Administration, Faculty, and Staff are exempt from fines. Periodicals, reference materials, microforms, locked case items, and archival materials are in-house use only except through special permission from senior library staff.

All patrons are expected to treat library materials with respect so others may have the same opportunity for use. Failure to treat library materials appropriately may result in loss of library privileges!

Books, Audiovisuals, and ILL items

  Books Audiovisuals ILL Materials
Students 14 days, limit 20 7 days, limit 3 Set by Lending Library, limit 5
Faculty/Staff Semester, no limit Semester, limit 3 Set by Lending Library, no limit
Community 14 days, limit 6 7 days, limit 3 Service not Available

Reserve Materials

Checkout periods (e.g. overnight, 3 day, etc.) are set by the faculty member placing the item on reserve. One to three hour reserve items may only be used within the library. Library televisions with headphones are available for viewing DVDs/videos in the library.

Periodicals and Reference Materials

Journals, newspapers, reference materials, and WV collection materials are for in house use only except through special permission from a professional librarian.


Patrons are allowed two renewals, either in person or by phone, unless someone else has requested the item. Reserve materials must be renewed in person. Faculty may request that reserve items not be instantly renewable and may have a usage sheet for students to sign but library staff cannot police this. ILL material renewals are dependent upon the lending library.

Returning Materials

When the library is open you may use the inside drop at the circulation desk. When the library is closed, please use the drop located in the left wall at the top of the stairs when facing the front entrance.

Fines for Overdue Items

Regular Materials carry a fine of 10 cents per day with a maximum of $10.00 per item
Reserve Materials carry a fine of 25 cents per hour with a maximum of $50.00 per item
ILL materials carry a fine of $1.00 per day with no maximum
Faculty and staff are exempt from fines.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Materials

Replaceable Items

Replacement cost plus $10.00 processing fee.

Irreplaceable Items

Books - $50 per item plus $10 processing fee
Audiovisuals - Original cost of item plus $10 processing fee
Children's Books - $25 per item plus $10 processing fee

Damaged Items are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Block on Student Record

Failure to return items and/or failure to pay fines and/or fees will result in the student's record being blocked, preventing the student from receiving a transcript. The library block on the student’s record will be removed upon full payment.