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Donations are welcomed with the understanding that items that cannot be used in the library collections will be returned to the donator if requested or dispersed as best determined by library staff. Where applicable, gift plates acknowledging the donator are placed in gift items unless otherwise requested.

The library will accept gifts of materials appropriate to the collection. Unless stipulated otherwise, by the act of the donation the donator permanently relinquishes all rights to ownership and disposition and the gifts become the property of Glenville State College. Therefore, the library may appropriately exchange, disseminate, sell or discard those items that cannot be added to the collection or, at a later time, need to be removed from the collection. Before accepting gifts on behalf of the library, staff members must ensure that donators understand and agree to this condition. If there is any question about accepting a gift, the final determination rests with the Library Director.

The staff member accepting a gift must complete the Gift Donator Form. Official acknowledgment of the gift is made by the Library Director or ascribed representative (if a large donation, the College Foundation may need to be involved). Guidelines for evaluation of gifts are the same as those for selecting purchased materials. Library staff cannot make appraisals of value for tax purposes; it is the responsibility of the donator to obtain an outside valuation if needed.

Gifts of money may be used by the library to purchase library materials, equipment, or services. Donators of monetary gifts may designate the use of those funds for specific purchases through agreement with the Library Director.

In accordance with the donator's request, appropriate recognition will be given to gifts retained in the library by affixing book plates, labels, or plaques to gifts showing the donator's name, and if applicable, the name of the person in whose honor or memory the gift was made.

The library will not set aside a special location for a particular gift of library materials separate from other materials on the same subject unless done through a special arrangement overseen by the college President. The library will not accept restrictions on usage of the materials which are contrary to general library policy. Any material that bears the ownership markings of another institution and does not have any indication of having been withdrawn from that institution's collection will be returned to the proper institution when possible.

Reproductions or photocopies of copyrighted works will not be accepted unless evidence of compliance with the copyright law (Title 17, US Code) and its prevailing interpretation is provided.

Gift Donator Form

I have read the above policy statement and agree that my donation may be handled in the prescribed manner.

Date: ________________________________________________________________________

Donator's Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Items Donated (list on back or attach list to this form): Type of gift _________________________

If appropriate, is a book plate desired? Yes _______ No _______ Not appropriate to gift _______

If yes, please specify any special wording: ___________________________________________


Items library cannot use: Return to donator? ______________ Library decides? ______________

Donator's Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Verification Signature (library representative): _________________________________________

Thank you for your donation.