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No library can acquire and house all information available. If the Robert F. Kidd Library does not have the material needed, the information may be available from another library through ILL or Document Delivery (DD).

Available to: Current Glenville State College (GSC) students/administration/faculty/staff, as well as emeritus faculty and GSC retirees. Community users are directed to use a local, public or school library for ILL service unless authorized by the Library Director.

Materials generally available for borrowing/lending:

  • Books
  • Photocopies of journal/newspaper articles
  • General exceptions may include:
    • Newly acquired/recently published books
    • Entire journals, newspapers and reference materials
    • Rare materials
    • Dissertations
    • Audiovisual materials

General receiving time (varies and is not under library staff control):

  • Faxed copies of journal/newspaper articles - 1-3 days
  • Mailed books and other materials โ€“ 1-3 weeks

Charges: (no charge to faculty/staff for campus affiliated/professional use)
$1.00 per requested item plus 10ยข per page for journal/newspaper article copies. If a transaction is deemed too expensive for the library to fill but the borrower is willing to pay the entire cost of the loan, the transaction can be completed.

Upon receipt of item:

  • ILL requestor will be notified by Circulation staff member.
  • Material is available at the Circulation Desk - any ILL charges are paid for at time of pick up.
  • Copies of articles belong to requestor.
  • Books and other items are to be returned to the Circulation Desk by the lending library's due date.
  • Note: ILL materials are not to be placed on reserve โ€“ purchase instead.
  • Requests for renewals need to be made before the original due date.
  • Note: renewals may not be available -โ€“ the lending library determines if the material is renewable not RFK staff members.
  • Damaged or lost items will be paid for by the requestor at the price set by the lending library.
  • Overdue ILL materials will be charged $1.00 per day with no maximum limit.
  • Materials are returned through the GSC mail room. Wrapped materials are shipped Library Rate unless otherwise specified by the lending library.

Security of materials:

  • Aside from insurance for loss or damage in transit, certain conditions of use may be imposed on materials borrowed by and those loaned by Robert F. Kidd Library.
  • Borrowing: Materials borrowed from other institutions are circulated to our users unless restrictions have been set by the lending library.
  • Lending: Restrictions on materials loaned may include "in library use only" or "no renewals."

ILL restrictions: No more than five (5) articles may be requested in a calendar year for a given journal title from the most recent five year period. If this is exceeded, requests should be made through an article delivery service or royalties paid to the publisher or Copyright Clearance Center.

Updated 12-17-2010