Students interested in on-campus employment should submit a student employment information form. Then browse the available positions listed below and apply for the ones that interest you by entering your student ID number and clicking submit. Your application will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisors, who may then contact your for an interview. The office hiring the student worker will select the desired candidate from their pool of applicants. A copy of your student employment information form is kept on file for one school year in the Academic Support Center.

Upon accepting employment, students must visit the Academic Support Center to complete employment and payroll documentation. Bring your driver’s license/ID card, social security card, and a cancelled or voided personal check. You cannot be paid until these forms are completed and all copies of required identifying documents are on file. Please see the Student Employment Checklist for more information on these requirements. Please also refer to the Student Employment FAQs for more information on professional expectations and payroll information.

There are two different types of on-campus employment:

  • Work study jobs are based on a student's eligibility for work study money in their financial aid package. A student's eligibility for work study money is based on financial need.
  • Workship positions are funded by the college and are not based on financial need. Because of the limited amount of positions available, there is NO guarantee that you will get a job. However, your chances increase greatly if you follow the outlined procedures.

If you are an upperclassman and worked on campus last year and plan to return to the same position, you do not have to fill out a new application. It is your responsibility to confirm your employment for the following year with your supervisor. If you would like to work in a new office, you need to re-submit a new student employment application online. If you filled out an application last school year and were not placed for employment, you must complete a new student employment application online.

Students are not allowed to work over 20 hours per week during a period of enrollment. All students work for minimum wage. Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (not applicable for first time freshmen) to be eligible for hire.

On Campus Job Announcements - Fall 2017

The application period for the Fall 2017 semester is open until it is filled. Enrolled students have this timeframe to review the On-Campus Job Announcements and then submit their application online. Applications are reviewed by supervisors, who interview applicants who meet their criteria and then hire the best candidates. Please contact Student Employment for more information on open positions or the application process for student employment.

Elementary School Reading Tutor
Off Campus Programs Student Office Assistant
Office Assistant - Admissions
Public Safety Office Assistant
Public Safety Student Worker