About Delta Xi Rho

We were originally established on April 16, 2004 and were re-established in 2014. Our purpose is the awareness and prevention of Child Neglect and Domestic Violence. Our colors are purple and black; Black for Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, while purple is royalty. Our animal is a Fox, our flower is a daisy, and our gem is the diamond. Our motto is "Sisters are like diamonds, they last forever."

Delta Xi Rho at Glenville State College


Patricia McCourt Patricia McCourt
email Patricia
Carleena Elliott Carleena Elliott
Vice President
Valeri Sprouse Valeri Sprouse
Secretary and Treasurer
Faith Smith Faith Smith
Allison Bryant Allison Bryant
Sargeant of Arms


Marjorie Stewart photo Dr. Marjorie Stewart
Associate Professor of English, Language and Literature Department
Phoenix, College Newspaper
404 Harry B. Heflin Administration Building
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