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Men's room in Goodwin Hall
Women's room in Goodwin Hall

Goodwin Hall is a state-of-the-art co-educational residence hall and is Glenville State College's newest residence facility. The 'L' shaped building is comprised of six stories with each floor having its own study lounge, laundry facility, kitchen area, and designated trash rooms. The rooms in Goodwin Hall are set up suite style and every two adjacent rooms share a semi-private bathroom. The entire South Corridor and the majority of the West Corridor are private rooms, meaning each resident has their own room and shares a bathroom with one other student. Each private room is furnished with a mini refrigerator, microwave, extra-long twin bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, and a wardrobe. A small portion of the West Corridor and the entire East Corridor is made up of double rooms, meaning they are larger and house two students. Each double room shares a semi-private bathroom with an adjacent double room. Double rooms are equipped with a sink in the bedroom to help reduce congestion in the bathroom. The double rooms are furnished with a mini refrigerator, a microwave, two extra-long twin beds, two desks, two chairs, two chests of drawers, and two wardrobes. Rooms all have hookups for internet, cable television, and VoIP telephones. Goodwin Hall, like the rest of GSC’s campus, is Wi-Fi accessible.

Goodwin Hall is equipped with a security system that includes high definition cameras and a swipe card system. Each resident is given a swipe card which gives them access to the main entrance of Goodwin Hall, the elevators, the entrance to the corridor in which they reside, and their room. Access to the residential areas of Goodwin Hall without a swipe card is not permitted unless you are registered at the Goodwin Hall office and accompanied by a resident.

The main lounge area of Goodwin Hall is located just inside the main entrance of the building and is furnished with couches, chairs, tables, and two high definition televisions for students to enjoy.

The residence hall office is always staffed by a trained student worker or a security guard to answer questions and maintain watch over the security system and cameras located throughout the building.

The building is named in honor of Margaret Miller Goodwin, GSC class of '51, who made a significant gift to Glenville State College. Learn more about her contributions here.

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Room Specs:

Single Rooms: 9'x15'4"
Double Rooms: 14' x 17'3"
Bed Size: 3'x7'
Closet Space: 3'x2'