Newspaper men, perhaps more than any other class, are rated by ability.
- Franklin Knight Lane, US Secretary of the Interior


The Phoenix (formerly The Mercury) is your source for news and events that take place around the Glenville State College campus. Whether you want to check the weekly calendar of events, catch up on campus news or see which lucky student is getting their 15 Minutes of Fame...The Phoenix is your one-stop information source.

The Phoenix is published online, with special print editions for events like Homecoming. Editions prior to the 2012-2013 school year were all published in print.

Sign Up for the Newspaper Class!

The newspaper is student-run and we are always looking for reporters, editors, photographers, graphic designers, and students interested in doing advertising sales and development. To work for The Phoenix, you must sign up for the campus newspaper class, listed in the course catalog under Journalism. The faculty advisor to the paper is Dr. Marjorie Stewart.

The Phoenix
Glenville State College
200 High Street
Glenville, WV 26351

Our newsroom is located in Room 300 of the Heflin Administration Building, so feel free to stop by.


Chris Hunter, Editor in Chief
David Finley, News Editor

Logan Carpenter, Arts Editor

Jessie Kimble, Sports Editor
Cory Roberts, Graphic Designer