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Students in a Pioneer Village living room

Students socializing in a Pioneer Village living room.

Pioneer Village is located on Mineral Road across from the Waco Center and features 10 town house-style buildings. Each building of the residential facility for upperclassmen contains four fully furnished apartments that each house four single-occupancy bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a shared living room/kitchen area.

A lounge area is located in the bottom of house eight which includes a television, DVD player, billiards table, ping-pong table, couches, tables, and chairs. Residents also enjoy free laundry facilities.

Each bedroom is equipped with a bed (extra-long twin), a desk, chair, dresser, and a closet. Rooms all have hookups for internet, cable television, and VoIP telephones. Pioneer Village, like the rest of GSC’s campus, is Wi-Fi accessible. Bedrooms are in groups of four and are indicated by letters. Each apartment is labeled by the letters assigned to the bedrooms within the apartment. The bottom left apartments are A, B, C, D; bottom right are E, F, G, H; top left are I, J, K, L; and top right are M, N, O, P. Room assignments are indicated by building number and bedroom letter (for example, 2M would be building two, room M).

Each bathroom includes a stand-up shower, a sink with storage compartment, a vanity mirror with storage shelves, and a toilet.

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Apartment Specs (dimensions are approximate):

Bedrooms A, E, I, M: 9'10"x11'3" with 8'6"x2' closet
Bedrooms B, F, J, N: 12'4"x11' with 6'x2' closet
Bedrooms C, G, K, O: 12'3"x10'10" with 6'x2' closet
Bedrooms D, H, L, P: 10'9"x9'2" with 5'6"x2'7" closet

Living Rooms: 10'4" x13'

Left side: 5'4" x5'
Right side: 7'3" x6'6"