Locker rooms with showers are located on the first floor. For more information regarding the hours or operations of the pool, please contact Jennifer Wenner at 304-462-6436.

GSC pool hours

Note: pool hours are based on lifeguard availability and class schedule. If you have a function or swim need outside of the normal hours, please use the contact information below.

Cost: Entrance to the pool is free for those with a GSC ID, or attending Morris Center training. Community cost is $3 per person.
water aerobics class

Special Use

Kayak Clinic
Monday from 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.


Class Registration

Jennifer Wenner photo Jennifer Wenner
Aquatics Manager, Pool Information
Director, Pioneer Media
Radio/TV Studio Waco Center
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Pool parties & all other pool uses, including athletics

Debra Nagy photo Debra (Reed) Nagy
Director, Alumni Affairs
Camps/Conferences Scheduling
Manager, Facilities Scheduling
Pool Scheduling
212C Harry B. Heflin Administration Building
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