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Reed Ratliff Reed Ratliff, President

Reed is a senior Landman Technology major within GSC's Natural Resource Management program.

His goal is to help students get more involved on campus and in the community. He also wants to help create a stronger relationship between the students, staff, and faculty.

Cody Moore Cody Moore, Vice President

Cody is a junior in the Natural Resource Management program and is pursuing a concentration in Landman Technology and a minor in Computer and Information Systems.

His goal is to promote student involvement on campus, advocate for student issues, and make GSC students feel like this is where they belong.

Justin Woods Justin Woods, Parliamentarian

Justin is a sophomore Biology and Chemistry major.

His goal in the Student Government Association is to work with the executive team and other members of SGA to represent and be a voice for all students of GSC.

Bridget Carr Bridget Carr, Secretary

Bridget is a junior majoring in Behavioral Science and minoring in Management.

She joined SGA to represent the non-traditional student of GSC. She says, "Being a non-traditional student myself, I feel it is important that we have a voice for issues that affect our specfic needs."

Landon Gumm Landon Gumm, Public Relations

Landon is a senior Management and Marketing major.

He is a member of SGA so he can become more involved with the campus and to help the student body.

Cameron Woods Cameron Woods, Treasurer

Cameron is a junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Management.

His goal is to better the college experience for all students and get more students involved in the activities on campus.

Joe Neal Joe Neal

Joe is a senior History and Political Science major.

He joined SGA to fight on behalf of students.

Samuel Whitlock Samuel Whitlock

Sam is a sophomore Criminal Justice major.

Through his membership in SGA, he hopes to help make a difference.

Brod Boswell Brod Boswell

Brod is a senior Behavioral Science major and is minoring in Behavior Disorders.

In addition to the encouragement to do so by his mom, he joined SGA to help make a difference at GSC.

Colton Ring Colton Ring

Colton is a freshman Biology and Chemistry major.

He joined SGA to be a voice for the student body of GSC and to do what he can to help make the campus better.

Michael Beck Michael Beck

Michael is a freshman Physical Education (PreK-Adult) major.

He joined SGA to become more involved and because he likes helping in any way he can.

Kellie Kinsinger Kellie Kinsinger

Kellie is a senior in the Natural Resource Management program with a concentration on Land Surveying.

She joined SGA to be able to have a voice about campus issues (and the free shirts are a nice perk too!)

Ali Capobianco, Jr. Ali Capobionc, Jr.

Ali is a freshman Criminal Justice major.

He joined SGA to make an impact on GSC and to represent his school.

Montana Carr Montana Carr

Montana is a freshman Criminal Justice major.

She joined SGA to be more involved.

Nicole Williams Nicole Williams

Nicole is a freshman Criminal Justice major.

She joined SGA so she could be a part of making a difference on campus.

Jared Wilson Jared Wilson, Faculty Advisor
Adam Black Adam Black, Faculty Advisor
Kayla Gross Kayla Gross, Staff Advisor
Jodi Walters Jodi Walters, Administrative Liason