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Our number one priority at the Center of Teaching Excellence (CTE) isn't just training, it's people. We're dedicated to improving faculty and staff training at Glenville State College and strive to improve skills and facilitate growth in the workplace. All training courses are available throughout the semester during posted session times and are also available per request.

GSC is moving from Blackboard WebVista 8 to Blackboard Learn 9 in the Spring 2012 semester. Below are a list of courses that are currently available at the CTE.

Learn Versus Vista and Blackboard Learn Basic Overview

Learn Versus Vista will provide an overview of the Blackboard Learn in comparison with WebVista 8. This session will explore the differences and the changes between the two learning management systems in dual representation. This short course will also familiarize you with Blackboard Learn, covering all the basics including logging in, tabs, course menu, navigation and the location of important tools.

Control Panel: Tools, Modules, and Grade Center

This course is a more in-depth look at Blackboard Learn. In this session, you will discover new tools and features such as hide/unhide course menus, creating/naming/moving/deleting navigation links, sending messages, emails and announcements. You will also learn more about blogs, journals, wikis and discussion boards and how they can be applied to your course.

Course Design

In Course Design, we will discuss how to customize your course and the best practices used in designing your class. This includes creating the homepage, changing course appearance and menu styles and setting your tool visibility. There will also be a section on navigating and managing the Grade Center, which includes creating grade columns, calculated columns, grading categories and column organization.

Content Creation

This session will show you how to add, create and manage content for your course. This includes syllabi, web links, photos, files, videos and anything else that you would need to upload into your class. We will also explain tests and assignments including how to set them up, reset them, and use the Adaptive Release criteria. We will also include a session on how to use the YouTube Mash Ups, plus much more.

Please contact the Blackboard helpdesk number at 462-6449 (or extension 6449) for more information.