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GSC Hosts Bullying Seminar


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Glenville, WV—Twenty-four educators from eleven different counties in West Virginia spent Friday, June 1st learning how to combat bullying in their schools during a symposium at Glenville State College’s Morris Criminal Justice Training Center. The program was made possible through a partnership between GSC and ARMA Training/Vistelar Group, who are experts in addressing the problems of youth bullying.

Bullying has become a nationwide problem. A recent study by the ‘Family and Work Institute’ reported that one-third of youths are bullied at least once a month, while other studies say six out of ten American teens witness bullying at least once a day.

Teachers and Administrators attending the seminar learned how to spot and combat bullying in their schools.

“There is a great need in our school systems to learn to effectively handle and combat bullying. This seminar is designed to help educators take a pro-active role in managing this serious issue,” said Ron Taylor, GSC Morris Criminal Justice Training Center Director.

The training was conducted by ARMA Founder and Director Dave Young who is recognized internationally for his work in law enforcement training. Attendees learned the different types of bullying, how to identify early stages of bullying, and effective strategies to help manage bullying.

“The public awareness that is being brought to the issue of bullying makes it seem like this is a relatively new phenomenon, but bullying has always been around. The internet and social media has definitely increased opportunities for bullies to stay anonymous,” stated Young.

Educators who received the training will be better prepared to recognize that bullying may be occurring in their classroom which should lead to earlier and more effective intervention to address the situation.

Instructor Dave Young (standing center) explains texting and social media bullying with educators.

Parkersburg High School Assistant Principle Jeff Mennillo says this type of training is need for teachers and administrators. “I deal with the issue of bullying a lot. Seven or eight times per week, I meet with teachers and/or students because of bullying. It is a huge problem that I think has grown because of social media. Most educators do not have the training they need to handle these situations. Seminars like this will certainly help.”

Glenville State College is currently seeking a grant to fund a four-day bullying seminar which would concentrate on the different age groups of bullying and give the attendees the tools and information needed to train others in their school system how to handle bullying.

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