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Glenville State College Provost’s Honor List for Fall 2012


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GLENVILLE, W. Va. – Glenville State College has announced the names of GSC students who attained the Provost’s Honor List for the Fall 2012 semester.  To be named to the Provost’s Honor List, a student must have a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.99.

The students making the Provost’s Honor List are listed as follows according to their county of residence:

Boone County: Brittany May

Braxton County: Tyler J. Carr, Richard T. Chapman, Tyler K. Cottrill, Jordan T. Cutlip, Dakota S. Hamrick, Marc A. Jones, Kristen F. Meadows, Megan L. Rollins, Emmitt R. Wayne, Gayle M. Wine

Cabell County: Randy S. Cremeans, Jr.

Calhoun County: Chelsey L. Ball, Gabriella R. Brown, Kaitlin Carpenter, Kenneth Carpenter, Maria M. Clothier, Patrick J. Coon, Samantha B. Fulks, Autumn J. Harkins, Wayne S. Jonson, Sarah B. Lane, Andrew R. Metheney, Dustin M. Simmons, Stephanie F. Stacy, Loretta N. Whytsell

Clay County: Tammy A. Dobbins-Wolfe, James R. Hubbard, Logan Ramsey, Marissa R. Truman, Julie A. Walker

Doddridge County: Kelley Lusby, Stephanie D. Myer, Amanda D. Richards

Fayette County: Jonathan W. Bailess, Tyler J. Bennett, Derrick M. Crawford, Brittany L. McGuire, Corey Tolley, Heather N. Vass

Gilmer County:  Rebecca S. Baldwin, Mary C. Butcher, Michelle D. Cottrill, Linville F. Couch, Amanda L. Davis, Nicholas E. Dent, Mary Ann Alexis L. Escarda, Aaron Frymier, Kelly M. King, Jazzmin L. Langman, Sarah M. Normant, Jodie L. Parsons, Adrian D. Patterson, Casey D. Pritt, Joshua A. Ramsey, Nicole C. Riffle, Wayne J. Roberts, Tiffany A. Tomey, Latasha R. White, Asa C. Witte, Jacob N. Wolfe, Mischell L. Workman

Grant County: Brittany Lott

Greenbrier County: Joseph D. Brown, Emily K. Osborne

Hampshire County: Devon W. Maher

Harrison County: Doreen Currey, Christie M. Hittel, Kelsey B. Plamer

Jackson County: Kaitlin L. Thopson, Scott A. Ullom

Jefferson County: Renee V. Ritenour

Kanawha County: Scott K. Ashley, Craig A. Estep, Matthew D. Lane, Ella Messinger, Matthew D. Thompson

Lewis County: Adam S. Bosely, Terry B. Bosley, Jared W. Conley, Cory D. Elliott, Aaron J. Hillan III, Tyler N. Karp, Sara D. Linger, Joseph T. Perry, Stephanie L. Pyles, Vera R. Shackleford, Victoria Simons, Thomas P. Snyder, Clara D. Wymer

Logan County: Curtis R. Sutphin

Marion County: Alexander Joseph, Jessica A. Parsons, Danielle N. Perkins, Paige M. Tuttle

Monroe County: Miranda M. Lively

Morgan County: Robert B. Mann Jr.

Nicholas County: Christine A. DeLay, Betsy A. Coulter, Chelsea D. Dorsey, Brogan Gee, Brandon Hines, Mdison R. Martin, Stacey E. McClung, Benjamin J. Neal, Jonathan E. Nicklow, Anthony D. Roberson, Jason Spinks, Samantha K. Vance, Moriah D. Woods

Pendleton County: Phillip S. Harper

Pocahontas County: Brittany N. Doyle, Adam Fuller, Abby N. McCoy

Preston County: Ryan C. Thorn

Putnam County: Alyssa B. Gladfelter

Raleigh County: Nicholas G. Yale

Randolph County: Loyle T. Fortney, John R. Losh II, Drew A. Lothes, Jacob M. Yocum

Ritchie County: Jesse M. Alborano, Samantha J. Brookover, Jacob D. Clevenger, Boris Nimcevic, William N. Sarine II, Jared M. Shipe, Mary K. Stansberry

Roane County: Brandon D. Abbott, Courtney L. Cutlip, Caleb J. Greathouse, Sheree Raines, Katherine J. Williams

Taylor County: Eva S. Guthrie, Marteney J. Jacobs

Tucker County: Donna K. Akins

Upshur County: Casey L. Orsburn, Benjamin T. Stingo

Webster County: Christy L. Brooks, Dancey E. Howes, Elizabeth I. Meehan, Barbara L. Stump

Wirt County: Eric M. Cheeseman, Katelyn N. Deem, James L. Lynch

Wood County:  Jason K. Cantwell, Jeffrey S. Kidder II, Meghan D. Ruddlesden, Jade E. Spencer, Luke A. Waters, Holly A. Wright

Wyoming County: Matthew S, Lambert

Out of State: David L. Blanks Jr., Carly B. Cairns, Jessica L. Fedor, Harrys J. Fonseca-Gutierrez, Kenyell N. Goodson, Kevin J. Gray, Samuel A. Hanke, Ashley Henry, Avron Holland, Cory Hoone, Tyler Jamison, Meagan Lesser, Justin T. Lewis, Ginny L. Mills, Kalleone M. Moret, Nicole G. Newcomb, Andrea E. Osborne, Erietta F. Patrianakos

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