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GSC to Increase the Number of Hidden Promise Scholars

School superintendents from several West Virginia counties that have partnered with Glenville State College to form the Hidden Promise Consortium (HPC) met at Glenville State College on Friday, March 25 to discuss the program and make plans for the future.

The Hidden Promise Scholars program is an alliance among Glenville State College and county school districts across West Virginia with the goal of improving communication between higher education and K through 12. The consortium aims to improve the number and quality of high school graduates including raising ACT scores, increase the number of students going to college, and increasing the number and quality of college graduates. The alliance was formed in 2007 between Glenville State College and thirteen county school systems, but has grown to include twenty school districts.

Jim Spears displays copy of open letter from Hidden Promise Consortium

James W. “Jim” Spears, GSC Senior Vice President for External Relations and Morris Endowed Professor for Criminal Justice Studies displays a copy of an open letter from the Hidden Promise Consortium to West Virginia's Governor, Senators, and Delegates that appeared in the Charleston Gazzette

During their meeting, the superintendents and GSC President Dr. Peter Barr agreed that because the program is having such a positive impact, they will move forward on increasing the number of students who are chosen as Hidden Promise Scholars in each county.

Hidden Promise Scholars are students in the eighth through twelfth grade from central West Virginia. Selected by county superintendents and principals, these students interact with Glenville State College students and faculty and explore the vistas that a college education opens. Hidden Promise Scholars will mentor with college students at their home schools and participate in an array of campus visits.

There were 13 original Hidden Promise Scholars. That number has blossomed to over 500 to date.

Upon high school graduation, Hidden Promise Scholars who enroll at Glenville State College receive an annual scholarship. The annual grant is renewable throughout their enrollment at GSC as full-time students maintaining standard academic progress.

The first Hidden Promise Scholar graduates will receive their degrees during the 137th Glenville State College Commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 14, 2011.

Also at the meeting, plans were discussed for HPC activities in the coming months including: initiating an HPC English Language Arts Project for fifth through eighth grade teachers, an HPC Math Project for Intervention and Instruction, a Hidden Promise Teacher Institute this summer for English Arts, Math, and Science, and JASON Project training Workshops, and the Pioneer Academy which will be held this summer to help 25 incoming students improve their math skills.

On Wednesday, March 30, over three-hundred and twenty Hidden Promise Scholars will visit GSC for a performance of Percussion Ensemble in the GSC Fine Arts Auditorium.

For more information about the Glenville State College Hidden Promise Scholar Program, contact Program Director Teresa Sterns at or 304-462-6100.

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Glenville State College
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