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Dustin Wood Takes Silver in Summersville

Dustin WoodThe Rough N’ Rowdy Brawl has become a tradition over the past 10 years around the state of West Virginia spanning from the state capitol of Charleston all the way to Welch. The Brawl attracts everyone from bar bouncers and gym rats to street fighters and wanna-be Rocky Balboas. Glenville State College’s Dustin Wood was one of the many attracted to this test of strength and skill.

Dustin Wood is a junior at GSC studying Physical Education. He is a member of the Glenville State Men’s Cross Country Team and the Men’s Track and Field Team.
Wood, a native of the Richwood area, competed in the Rough N’ Rowdy Brawl in Summersville on January 7th and 8th in the Light weight Division (140-160 lbs.) It was Wood’s first year competing in the event. “I did a lot of sparing with people from home to prepare for this,” said Wood. “I did a lot of running, splitting wood, punching the heavy bag, and a lot of weight lifting.”
According to the rules of the Brawl, all amateur fighters have one fight the first night, and will have up to four more matches the following night. Wood won his fight the first night and advanced on to three more fights the following night.
“One of my opponents was a little more experienced than me,” stated Wood. “I did have a little bit of trouble with him. I really surprised myself.”
Wood went on to the Rough N’ Rowdy Gold Medal round to fight Anthony DeLaRosa from Beckley, WV. “I knew I had a pretty good chance to win going into the fight, said Wood. “I really wanted to win.”
In the end Wood had to settle for the silver medal, but earned the nickname of the “Wood Chopper.” What does this mean for Dustin now? Is he thinking about pursing boxing in the future?
“I like boxing, and I hope to do it for a while longer. I am really thinking about doing the Rumble on the Hill if I can find an opponent,” says Wood. “This experience was really good for me. It was fun and I really enjoyed it.”
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