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GSC Biggest Loser a Success

The Glenville State College version of the Biggest Loser television program is being called a huge success. The program began on February 1st and continued throughout the spring semester helping fifty participants meet their weight loss goals. GSC students, faculty, and staff members lost a combined total of nearly 469 pounds.

“The biggest loser participants have been so impressive and inspiring. They stepped out of their comfort zones and accomplished some pretty amazing things. Several participants lost at least ten percent of their body weight, decreased the risk of Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol as well as increased their energy and self esteem. Personal goals were accomplished whether it was losing ten pounds for a wedding or getting to a weight they had not seen in years. One participant started the program being only able to walk on the treadmill for twenty minutes and within a month had increased his physical activity to an hour on the treadmill with running intervals,” said GSC Fitness Center Director Shantelle Harkleroad.

Blue Team group members lost more than six percent of their combined body weight. White Team group members lost nearly seven percent of their combined body weight making them the winners of the competition. The program covered setting short term and long term goals, nutritional guidelines, food journaling, calorie restriction, physical activity, and healthy recipes. The participants were exposed to the many helpful services GSC offers including the campus health center, counseling center, and the fitness center.

The overall winner was GSC Robert F. Kidd Library Director I Gail Westbrook. She lost a total of thirty eight pounds and nineteen percent body weight. Her success was achieved by counting calories, keeping a food journal, and aiming for twelve thousand steps a day. “I totally credit the program with giving me the enthusiasm to get a great start on where I need to be for my physical and mental health,” said Westbrook.

The first runner-up was GSC Physical Plant Campus Service Worker Karen Reaser. She lost a total of twenty six pounds and fifteen percent body weight. She limited her calories and increased her water consumption. The second runner-up was GSC student Lee Lauderman. He lost a total of thirty-two pounds and fifteen percent body weight as well as tracked his food and physical activity on the website.

Plans are being made for a GSC Fall 2010 Biggest Loser program. For more information, contact Harkleroad at or (304) 462-6440.

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