Glenville MMA Sensation Prepares for Next Fight

Seven years ago, Wes Hanson was one opponent away from being a West Virginia wrestling state champion. Many would consider this the pinnacle of their athletic career, especially if they won this final match of their senior year. However,most people aren’t like Wes Hanson. After taking home a state title he was only getting started.

Since that title Hanson has came a long way. He quickly picked up the sport of MMA while at Glenville and with his impressive wrestling background he was an almost instant success. But you need more than a wrestling background to be successful at MMA and Hanson adds a deadly Muay Thai style that, along with his wrestling, has proven nearly unstoppable thus far in his
young MMA career. In fact, he’s undefeated and is ranked first in the featherweight division in the National Amateur Series Rankings.

Like all talented athletes, Hanson didn’t become the fighter he is today by accident. When he isn’t sparring, doing a workout, or simply getting food into his body to fuel his recovery, then chances are he’s training somebody else. “Anytime anyone wants some training ,feel free to contact me,” says Hanson about the opportunity to get involved in a rigorous training regimen. It goes without saying that Hanson’s whole day is entirely devoted to fighting, day in and day out.

If you don’t know who Hanson is personally, then you probably have still seen him around doing a variety of different conditioning workouts in Glenville. Every day he gets in at least two and half miles of running. On the days he gets in less distance, Hanson likes to throw in some bleacher sprints. Other running excercises he does to boost his cardio are sled pulls with his main training partner, Tyler Cottrell, and bleacher skips in the middle of his run. For even more variety to his cardio, Hanson throws in the occasional evening swim . But all of those workouts look like a walk in the park compared to what takes place at The Dawg House gym. There Hanson recently had a grueling five minute cycle workout to prepare his mind and body in competition. “Amateur fights rounds are only three minutes a round but since I am planning on going pro I’m working like it’s a five minute round,” explained
Hanson. The first three exercises, all lasting a minute each, physically and mentally wear him down. The last two minutes are meant to work his fighting skills while already tired with a combination of jabs and footwork.

Another key part to Hanson’s success is his diet. “It’s very strict,” Hanson says. You would be hard pressed to find any simple sugars on his plate. Every morning he starts off with fruit, yogurt, organic eggs, and toast (also organic) for energy through the day. After workouts he consumes a meal replacement shake to aid his body’s recovery. Occasionally he allows himself to have red meat but most of his meat is organic chicken. Because he is constantly working out, he is rarely worried about eating too much. “I don’t count calories,” Hanson says.

The rigors of training and stresses of dieting are all meant to prepare Hanson for one thing: His next fight. Hanson will face off with Jeremiah Yeager (6-2) at Streetsboro, Ohio. The October 20 matchup is the semifinals for the NAAFS. Yeager hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the winner of the fight will face the victor of the Eric Gifford (4-2) and Dominic Mazzola (5-1) bout. Not since Hanson’s debut has he had to count on the judges. Ever since then he has made quick work of his opponents which largely explains his #1 ranking. It could be sooner than you think that Hanson could be in the Octagon with the likes of Jose Aldo and Chan Sung Jung.

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