Concord Hands the Pioneers Their First Conference Loss

The Glenville State College Pioneers came back from Concord with their first conference loss of the season by a score of 14-9.

The Pioneers got to run the first possession of the game, but it wasn’t long before Concord took over when quarterback Darold Hughes threw an interception on the first play of the game. After Concord’s interception, they ran the ball down to the Pioneers’ 35 yard line, but failed on their fourth down and turned the ball back over to the Pioneers. For the rest of the first quarter, both teams failed to put points on the board.

Time ran off the clock during the second quarter before the Pioneers had an opportunity to score. Glenville State put three points on the scoreboard when Colston Bayless scored a 34-yard field goal, putting the Pioneers in the lead 3-0. Another scoring opportunity arose for the Pioneers on the ensuing kickoff to Concord. The ball was fumbled by Concord’s Nate Pollard and recovered by Glenville State’s Darren Holbrook at Concord’s 20 yard line. Seeing another chance to score, the Pioneers walked away with only three points again, as Eddie McKay hit his second 47-yard field goal of the season. The Pioneers extended their lead to 6-0 with 8:36 left to play in the second quarter. Being granted one more opportunity to get in the end zone right before halftime, Hughes threw another interception and the Pioneers went in leading at the end of the first half, 6-0.

In the second half, like many of the Pioneers’ past opponents, Concord finally decided to come out and play. Scoring on their first possession of the third quarter, the Mountain Lions took their first lead of the game 7-6. On the Pioneers’ next possession, Eddie McKay was placed back on the 47 yard line to attempt another field goal. As the ball went up, it looked like the Pioneers would be adding three more to the scoreboard, but the ball bounced off the upright and was waved no good. When the third quarter came to an end, the score was still in favor of Concord, 7-6.

The Mountain Lions came out in the fourth quarter still playing, as they scored again with 10:33 left to play in the fourth quarter, extending Concord’s lead 14-6. The Pioneers then drove the ball 30 yards in 8 plays, but again, Eddie McKay had to take another shot at a field goal. This time from 45 yards out, McKay drilled it, making the score 14-9 in favor of the Mountain Lions.

Rahmann Lee, who is leading rusher in the WVIAC, led his team on the ground carrying the ball 19 times for 105 yards. Darold Hughes completed 8 of 21 passes for 101 yards, but had two interceptions that cost the Pioneers. Justin Feagin came in during the fourth quarter as a relief quarterback and completed 3 of 6 passes for 32 yards.

Darian Cleckley secured four passes for 65 yards, while Orlandus Harris caught two passes for 22 yards. Devin Cain led Glenville’s defense with nine tackles and was followed by James Johnson who had 5.5 tackles and an interception.

The Pioneers now sit with a record of 2-4 overall and 2-1 in the conference; they will see their next conference opponent on Saturday where they will take their home field against West Virginia State at 1 p.m.

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