Club Spotlight: GSC Lacrosse

Several schools in the WVIAC have added the sport of lacrosse as a competitive sport. While it isn’t yet considered a conference sport it should only take a few more schools in the WVIAC adding lacrosse for it to be officially a conference sport. Glenville State, not one to be left behind in the athletic world, quickly added lacrosse as a club.

Dave Bernier, High Adventure Club supervisor, is currently the faculty member in charge of the sport. However, if interested in joining the club, you should contact Kyla Spencer or Daniel Page. Meetings are currently being held every Wednesday at 6-7 at Goodwin in Room 133. “We want to get people more involved so we can get fundamentals down,” says Spencer. By fundamentals, Spencer means the basic things in lacrosse that the professionals make look so easy and effortless but realistically take hours of practice to master. Tasks such as throwing and catching a ball across the field to a wide open person, which is simple in other sports, is much more difficult when flinging a small round ball with a lacrosse stick.

Other topics of discussion at the meetings thus far are the training schedule for the spring semester and funding for the team. While it is still unclear or not whether the team will have a competing schedule for the spring, it will definitely be meeting on a more regular basis. Funding for the team is a key issue because of the cost of the lacrosse equipment. So anyone that can help out in that area surely will be appreciated. The main concern, however, for the club is making sure they have enough members. “We really need girls,” Spencer says. So while the club is
building itself up from the very bottom it is not that far behind the rest of schools in the conference that have a team.

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  1. Evan Merical says:

    I will be an incoming freshman next year, and I’ve recently started learning the sport, I’d be interested.

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