Anita White Recital

Glenville State College’s own professor, Anita White, will be holding a recital in the auditorium of the Fine Arts Building on November 12. White teaches accompianment in the music department.

White will play hymns performed in classical styles such as the song “Amazing Grace” in the style of Bach or Beethoven. This is an interesting combination as the classical music styles will give these relaxing songs more life and allow the audience to easily sit back, relax and enjoy the show. White stated, “This recital will combine both the spiritual world and the classical world.”

Admissions for the show will be free so that everyone, from GSC students to the general public, can drop by and enjoy the show. The show will begin at 7 p.m. and will end at 8:30 p.m. so that parents can bring their children to enjoy the show and still be ready for school the next day. Come on by and meditate to the relaxing music to let your troubles escape.

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