Glenville students prepare for a chance at $10,000

Four GSC students are competing for the opportunity to win $10,000. Not it’s not a game show but the WVSCBPC competition which will take place April 5th and April 6th at WVU. However, the final round is still one step away as Caleb Greathouse, Racheal Fetty, Preston Veal, and Josh Ramsey all have one competition in Fairmont before they find out if they are headed to WVU for a chance at some big money.

Seniors Greathouse and Fetty both team up in the Life Styles and Innovation category this Tuesday. Their business plan, “The EZ Reader”, is a device that can read the paper audit of a voting machine. The duo have received positive feedback already even though the device is in its early stages. Seniors Preston Veal and Josh Ramsey compete in the other category, Hospitality and Tourism. Their business plan is a delivery service for Glenville restaurants. “Delivery 2U”, as it is known, has plans to expand and nothing would help out more than that money prize given to the winner of the competition.

The last competition before WVU has three parts to it. The feasibility plan, elevator pitch, and the interview. The feasibility plan was the first part of the process that needed to be completed before the competitors headed to Fairmont. Next is the challenging two minute process known in the business world as the elevator pitch. The competitors only have two minutes to impress the judges with their “pitch”. The catch is doing it in under two minutes because going over is disastrous to your score. Lastly, is the interview process. Cheryl McKinney, one of the professors instrumental in helping students get this far, says “It’s like speed dating.” The competitors must go one-by-one to the judges and essentially be “grilled” by them about their business proposition. After this tedious procedure the competitors must then wait for the results. It is on December 3rd that they will be alerted whether they made the finals or not.

If they make it to WVU they will be joined by only four other teams in a competition that started out with over 100 groups vying for a spot at $10,000. April 5th a reception will take place at Waterfront Place in Morgantown. It is on Saturday that the competitors will head to Ming Hsieh Hall at WVU’s main campus. After that it is time to begin preparing for next year if you haven’t already!

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