Christmas in Glenville

Thanksgiving has passed and now everyone is getting ready for the most joyous time of the year, Christmas. Yes, the time for leftovers of our great feast of November has passed, and it is now time for ye old Christmas tree to be placed and decorated. Christmas is always a serene time of year for loved ones to gather and enjoy the joy of the season.

I visited the site of where the Glenville State College tree was being lit to signal that Christmas has arrived. As I arrived , I saw some of the music majors singing Christmas carols to spread that Christmas benevolence. The singers even invited those who were watching the group to perform with them. I’ve saw some professors that I have had in the past who brought their children to view the spectacle. The President of Glenville State College, Peter Barr, was there to light the decorated tree as the children within the group surround him to help. I saw the Christmas tree light up in a beautiful fashion, and it reminded me of helping my family with our tree during the holiday.

I also noted that Santa Claus had decided to stop at Glenville on one of his many practice runs around the world and had his wife with him. I saw Santa at the Mollohan Center taking in the wishes of the little children who were there, while the Mrs. Claus gave the children Christmas candy and a book for them and their parents to enjoy. There were bounce houses in the dining room for children to play on as the parents talked to one another and ate the various snacks that were set out for all to enjoy.

As I headed back to my dorm room, I thought back to all the great times I have had with my parents at home. The joy I feel during the holidays is always worth going through school work, not seeing my mom and dad for two weeks, and smashing my head against the wall of my double room as I study for the nightmarish finals. I’ll bring out one last thought before I dive back into the routine of a college student: I wish for everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday.

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