Paranormal Parody Produces Multiple Laughs

Get ready for fear. Get ready for screams. Get ready for…laughs?

There are things that go bump in the night as Malcolm and Kisha begin their new life together. In this parody of Paranormal Activity, a demon has followed Kisha into her boyfriend’s house all because of a deal involving a pair of shoes. Now the couple has to handle the usual craziness that normally follows when a blood-thirsty demon possesses your home. They will do anything possible to live a normal life. Malcolm, skeptical of Kisha’s claims, has installed a security system to catch her so-called ghost and prove her wrong.

Meanwhile, Malcolm and Kisha are enjoying their new life together, indulging in illegal substances and a healthy romantic relationship. Malcolm records all of these evening adventures. After many failed attempts, the demon finally makes itself known. Finally sober and awake one morning, the couple reviews the security tapes and realize how active the demon has become.

Malcolm and Kisha get help from the very security firm that set up their system, which coincidentally also offers ghost busting services. They also contact a priest-in-training who is also an ex-con, and a psychic who “feels the energies” from Malcolm. The team fights the demon-possessed Kisha, and life goes back to normal. Malcolm and Kisha live happily ever after, continuing to record the best nights of their lives.

After seeing A Haunted House in the theater, I can say that I was slightly disappointed. The movie did have hilarious moments that made me laugh really hard and a few moments where I jumped in fear, but the movie wasn’t a movie that I would pay top dollar to go see in a movie theater. This movie is definitely NOT for children as it has a lot of sexual, drug, and potentially offensive religious content. I personally give A Haunted House a 3.7 stars out of 5 as the whole movie would be better if you watch through a movie rental service.

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