Ceramics Art For Sale at GSC

There is an art gallery at Glenville State College in the Fine Arts building and the choice of art will be ceramics. Ceramics have been around since the ancient time when the most common material of that time was clay. People have used clay for not just pottery, but for their homes as well. Pottery is still practiced today as a use for profit and decoration as some people have kilns that dries and hardens the clay for the creation of urns, garlic jars, and even mugs.

The gallery features artworks done by Zack Orcutt and his works on display are also for sale. Each piece of ceramic artwork is for sale with some priced at the low twenties while others are priced in the nineties. There will also be an open reception on February 5th at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and everyone is welcome to visit to see the ceramics. For more information about the event or about the ceramics for sale, you can contact Liza Brenner at her office in the Fine Arts building or through e-mail at liza.brenner@glenville.edu. Come on by and see the fine pieces of ceramics and maybe buy a piece for your home.

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