Welcome Back to GSC!

New classes, new goals, and even some new faces. Yes even if you aren’t happy to be back in college, it’s a fresh a start to a new year.Over break some changes did occur at Glenville State College. Some that make us happy and others that have made us a bit frustrated. Already I have heard several complaints about the new login setup for the Wi-Fi. Before the break, students simply could log on instantly. However now, in order to get on the network, students have to use a log-in name and password. The Office of Technology was unavailable for comment during press release.

On a more positive note, the progress that has been made of the Waco Center project in just the span of little over a month. When we left for break the structure was still in its beginning stages. Now it actually resembles a building and is making significant progress daily. As an athlete and fan of all sports here, I am particularly excited because of how much it will improve the athletic facilities. However, the facilities won’t just benefit the athletes. All of the students are sure to benefit from the Waco Center but in particular the Land Resources majors.

For fear of sounding cliché, I won’t put an inspiring quote from a dead person that you will forget anyways. Instead I will wish you all luck and remind you that with each passing semester you take another step closer to attaining your degree.

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