Science and Religion Can Co-exist

Tuesday night was the introduction of the four part series, “The Impact of Science and Religion on a Society,” at Glenville State College. Each month until April the public will be invited to attend the event at the President’s auditorium in the Heflin Administrative Building. The other three parts of the series are scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. on February 19, March 19, and April 16.

The first seminar, “Science and Pseudoscience: Sorting Fact from Fiction,” featured Dr. David O’Dell as the main speaker . Before he spoke, Dr. Garry Morris addressed the goals of the seminars. One of those goals is to encourage students to be more open-minded instead of not learning about areas of science that they believe don’t match-up with their religion.

After Dr. Morris addressed the goals of the seminars, Dr. O’Dell went straight into explaining the differences between science and pseudoscience. Examples brought up to explain what a pseudoscience was were dowagers, astrologists, and even popular television shows such as “Hunting for Big Foot.”

Afterwards the audience was able to ask questions to all the professors who are helping with the seminars. Along with Dr. Morris and Dr. O’Dell, Dr. Joe Evans, Dr. Sara Sawyer, and Pastor Mark James helped answer questions that the audience had pertaining to the seminar. On February 19, Pastor Mark James will be the main speaker and the public will be all welcomed again.

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