Multicultural Week

Glenville State College is proud to hold Multicultural Week when students can participate in activities that provide knowledge of other cultures from around the world. Many students and professors are excited as Multicultural Week is where students can learn the lifestyles of other cultures in the form of entertaining movies and dances, informative panels, and even delicious foods from around the world. Learn about the hardships that have involved the Civil Rights movement from movies such as The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till and Ghosts of Mississippi, enjoy the arts in the form of Bluegrass and Polynesian Dancers, and take a bite from cultural delicacies from around the world like British crumpets.

Multicultural Week will last from Sunday February 3 to Saturday February 9 and each event will be posted on the Glenville State College website and around the college as well as  e-mailed to all the students on the campus.

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